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15 years up to and including seniors

15 years up to and including
senior citizens

We have a number of players of the older age groups from the so-called performance range from the U15 in our ranks. Even players who are already playing in the senior division up to the regional league attend our training as a supplement to their clubs. Whether in a group, small group or individual training, we have the right solution for you!

  • Intensive training in all areas under the direction of a DFB / UEFA licensed trainer

  • Tricks, dribbles, passes, shots and  Defense actions at the highest level

  • at least 1000 ball contacts per training 

  • Technique training  at the highest level and implementation in game situations

  • consolidation of both feet, shot, types of passes, dribbling 

  • Game intelligence training / game understanding

  • Cognition training / brain integration training

  • football-specific coordination training

  • modern speed training / athletic training 

  • Training of decisive and quick-acting players (personalities)

  • Conveying and demonstrating value competencies such as fairness, team spirit, ability to work in a team, determination, respectful interaction, etc.

  • Training of individual & group tactics

  • Training to become a courageous and strong 1-1 player offensive & defensive + follow-up action 

  • Development of play / action skills in 2-1 offensive

  • Training of fast switching behavior off. + Def.

  • consolidate all types of impact with both legs, from backspin pass to flying ball

  • Ball control of demanding balls, even under time / space and opponent pressure

  • Training of the speed of action (cognition training / brain integration training)

  • Mental training: strengthening self-confidence, resources, resilience training

  • Learning of defensive strategies in 1-2 + follow-up actions

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