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Small group training

from the professional

since 2004


Your trainer just for you! 

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Our individual training is a very effective type of training, here the players can be dealt with and coached much more intensively.

Training content can be practiced in a pleasant learning atmosphere and expanded and consolidated with a high number of repetitions.

The player has the full attention of the coach at all times. 

In addition to an increase in self-confidence and increased performance, the objective is to implement and apply what has been learned in game situations. Contents include: technique / ball handling, dribbling, passing / taking, various types of goal shots and passing games (spin shot, backspin, flying ball, target shot, chip ball, pressure pass chip / inside), athletics, coordination, speed, brain integration training, game intelligence,   Both feet, header game, 1-1 off. + Def.


Especially with the last-mentioned objective, constellations with 2 players in individual training and a maximum of 3-4 players in mini-group training are advantageous, as training content can be transferred directly to game situations. In the 1-1  situations close to the game can be created with a high number of repetitions and you will become a strong, individually well-trained 1-1 player offensively and defensively.

With three or four different 2 against 1/1 against 2/2 against 2 situations can be created and you benefit from an increased understanding of the game in terms of individual and group tactics.

How is it put so wonderfully on the website of the DFB: "DARE THAT 1 AGAINST 1, LOOK FOR THE 2 AGAINST 1"

Even more fun & competition with a partner

The professionals for your

Individual training

We have been offering our individual training courses for more than 12 years and are now with ...


... 80 individual training sessions per week

... over 3,000 individual training sessions per year 

... over 15,000 individual training courses so far


absolute experts in this field!  


We train you to be a 360 ° player - both feet, technically well-versed and quick in your head and legs!

It's not for nothing that a number of boys and girls, from the little ones to the very big ones, have been visiting us for years, be it from various junior management centers of the Bundesliga clubs,

the local clubs or fun footballers who kick with friends

just want to have more fun.

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