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about us

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This is what defines us:

  • close cooperation with young talent centers in  Ba.Wü.

  • We are full-time, licensed, professional children and youth trainers with experience in the higher-class adult football and have been busy for decades on a daily basis  with education and training in the area of children and young people and also accompany some of our players in the senior area

  • Age-appropriate training, child-friendly treatment, empathic trainers

  • The head and the deputy head together have almost 50 years of experience and expert knowledge in the field of child and youth training

  • close cooperation with young talent centers in Baden Württemberg

  • we do not make false promises, children and youth football is fun and the best possible education, the children are not professionals - we as coaches are!

  • we are always up to date in terms of training science and pedagogy - but we don't go with every trend just because it's hip

  • With us, the player is in the foreground regardless of his or her athletic talent as a person or as an individual  -> personality development, strengthening of self-confidence, etc.  As the authors Gerald Hüther and Uli Hauser say so beautifully: "Every child is gifted"

  • Training to become technically adept, two-footed, game-intelligent, quick-action, decisive and play-capable player personalities


Many of our players now have international matches for the

Contested junior national teams.

Again and again, a number of players go to various junior performance centers (NLZ) of Bundesliga clubs or to the various DFB bases.

The even more important reference should and must be all our girls and boys who come to us, simply because they have fun playing football and their increased self-confidence and skills help a full member of the schoolyard kick, playing on the football field or to be on the club team. In addition, we helped many children get started in football with a first positive experience.  

Who has already been with us



Stefan Sartori (assistant coach  1st Bundesliga VfL Wolfsburg, FC Augsburg) 

Toma Trocha (full-time TW coach DFB + FSV Mainz 05 Juniors)

Patrick Fischer (Coach FK Pirmasens Regionalliga Men) 

Selina Walter (player FC Ingolstadt 2nd Bundesliga)

Christopher Vivell - Technical Director RB Leipzig 1st Bundesliga

Players with international matches for:

Germany, Turkey, Croatia, USA, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia

former and current students in the following NLZ / junior national leagues / clubs:

VfL Sindelfingen / Ladies U17 Bundesliga, VfB Stuttgart, TSG Hoffenheim, SC Freiburg, Karsruher SC,

1. FC Nuremberg, SV Stuttgarter Kickers, 1. FC Kaiserslautern, Kickers Offenbach, FC Heidenheim, SV Sandhausen, SG Sonnenhof Großaspach, SSV Ulm, SSV Reutlingen, Waldhof Mannheim,

TSG Balingen, ODP US Youth Soccer Europe, (Olympic Development Program)  

other clubs:

SGV Freiberg, FV Löchgau, VfL Pfullingen, FSV Waiblingen, SV Böblingen, VfL Sindelfingen,

GSV Maichingen, IBM Klub Böblingen, CFR Pforzheim, FC Nöttingen, VfL Herrenberg,

SV Stuttgart-Vaihingen, VfL Nagold, SV Kickers Pforzheim, TSV Reichenbach, Spvgg Weil der Stadt, TSV Schafhausen, TSV Dagersheim, FC Gärtringen, TV Darmsheim, SC Neubulach, SV Perouse,

SKV Rutesheim, TSV Eltingen, Spvgg Renningen, TSV Malmsheim, SV Magstadt, SV Rohrau,

Spvgg Holzgerlingen, TSV Hildrizhausen, SV Altdorf, TSV Schönaich, SG LL04 Stuttgart,

Omonia Vaihingen, Spvgg Warmbronn, TSV Heimerdingen, TSF Ditzinhgen, Spvgg Hirschlanden-Schöckingen, TSV Merklingen, VfL Ostelsheim, TSV Grafenau, SV Althengstett, SV Ottenbronn,

FC Altburg, SV Bad Teinach-Zavelstein, SV Oberreichenbach, TSV Heimsheim, SV Friolzheim, TSV Wimsheim, TSV Wiernsheim, FV Tiefenbronn, TSV Mühlhausen, FV Öschelbronn, FV Niefern, 

SV Oberjesingen, TSV Kuppingen, TSV Ehningen, Spvgg Aidlingen, SV ceilingpfronn, SF Gechingen, VfL Stammheim, FV Calw, SGM Oberes Teinachtal, VfL Hirsau, SV Bad Liebenzell, TSV Möttlingen,  etc.

former and current students in  the following country selections and selection bases:

Württemberg selection, Baden selection, DFB base Böblingen / Calw, DFB base Stuttgart, DFB base Hirschlanden,

Swiss Football Association base in Aargau


Former or current students in the senior sector:

FC Heidenheim (2nd Bundesliga), Slaven Belupo Koprivnica (1st League Croatia), VfB Stuttgart U23, FC Astoria Walldorf, TSG Balingen (all regional leagues), SV Werder Bremen U21, FC Nöttingen, SV Göppingen, CFR Pforzheim, FC Lörrach- Brombach, TSV Ilshofen (all amateur league), VfL Sindelfingen / Ladies (formerly 2nd, now 3rd league), SKV Rutesheim, TSV Heimerdingen, VFB Neckarrems,

VfL Sindelfingen (Association League Württemberg) ...

Not to be weighed:

The many girls and boys we can put a smile on their faces !!!


Jakob W. has found his favorite sport with us with the minis

Antonia W. discovered the fun of football with us

Daniel S. has finally found a suitable training group outside of club sports with us 

Dimitrios K. and Olivier S. have made new friends with us

Tyrese made it into the club through our training

Eltern-Kind Einzeltraining.jpeg


“Great trainer, kids are taught to play football in a playful way. My son is 7 years old and he had no idea about soccer, now he swirls like  on  mini professional



-  The crocodile

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