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Exercise your hobby properly!

6-14 years

With fun and playfulness from the basic to the advanced area with the "golden learning age" to the performance area.


Strengthen strengths and weaken weaknesses!

Age-appropriate, optimal two-footed, technical and tactical  Football training

within the scope of personal performance, without pressure to perform and under the professional guidance of DFB-licensed and competent trainers with child-friendly handling - with the goal setting  to train decisive, fast-acting and therefore playful players (personalities).



  • regardless of club membership and in addition to team training     

  • under the direction of a DFB-licensed trainer

  • Entry possible at any time

  • Technique training  at the highest level and implementation in game situations, including under      Time / space / opponent pressure

  • at least 1000 ball contacts per training 

  • Tricks, dribbles, passes, shots and  Defense actions of the big stars

  • Both feet

  • Game intelligence training / game understanding training

  • Training the speed of action

  • Cognition training / content from brain integration training

  • Coordination and speed training

  • Conveying and demonstrating value competencies such as fairness, team spirit, ability to work in a team, determination, respectful interaction, etc.

  • Training of individual & group tactics

  • Training to become a courageous and strong 1-1 player offensively & defensively

  • Development of play / action skills in 2-1 offensive

  • Learning of defensive strategies in 1-2 def.

  • Mental training: strengthening self-confidence, resources, resilience training

  • Coordination and speed training

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